American Folk
I tried to learn how to play guitar from an encyclopedia but had more success
learning from a Glen Campbell beginner book. I also learned from watching a
beginning folk guitar show once a week on public television.

Southern Rock
I spent most of college life playing folk guitar. After college that I joined my first
southern rock band with my brother-in-law. Last rock band was with the
Sharks Band
and Homegrown in 2005-2006.

I loved listening to Latin music while growing up. My first paying gigs were with
the several Latin bands (Latin Connection, Los Latinaires, Latin Touch &
Latino Pride) playing electric guitar and keyboards. We played a lot of
weddings! Occasionally played at the Iowa State Fair.

I love to play this style while in the Latin bands. It felt natural to switch to it
since we had enough percussion to pull it off in the Latin band.

My friend Rick Dressler enlightened me to this style and also talked me into
playing keyboards with a band. I felt like fish out of water until I learned to
play  "bubbles" on the keyboard. Then it became more natural.

Catholic Church Music
I still play and cantor on a regular basis for the 4:00 pm mass at All Saints
Catholic Church, Des Moines, IA. I am so very happy to be part of each
celebration. It is God's blessing to experience so much faith-inspired music. In
2007 I became a member of the
National Association of Pastoral

Traditional Tagalog Folk
In 2005 I learned the traditional Philippine folk songs to play for my parents
50th wedding anniversary. These are deeply rooted songs from my childhood.
I've added more to play for
Asian Festivals.

Songrise CD 2006
December 2006 marks the release of my first CD. It contains Febrero which I
wrote back in the 80's. The rest of the songs were written from 2001 through
2006. Most of them were "road tested" from hosting various Open Mics and
Open Jams. Diamante Corto recorded in December 2006 was the most
recent. I also signed up with
SNOCAP to help  distribute my songs.
Larry Berenguel and friends
Photos by Tony Clark,
Larry Berenguel at Orlondos
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