Dan Jones not only sings but also plays harmonica, mandolin, 12
and 6 string guitar. Buz  plays the acoustic bass, upright bass and
pan flute. Both were the original members of POW and the
Midnight Dogs.

Jimi Pig
Check out Tony, Gene, Dustin, Mike and Chandler. Tony was the
first to show up singing and playing guitar. I was impressed with
Tony's singing abilities. He opens his heart and pours out every
ounce of energy and emotion. They started forming and
performing as a band while stretching their musical talents during
the acoustic jams at the Hull Avenue Tavern back in 2003. Check
out their website and download some of their music.
Aniko Heart
I discovered Aniko's photographic art through webshots.com.

Matt Ranallo
Gifted and talented. Just listen to some of his songs at
www.myspace.com/mranallo. You won't be disappointed.

Justin Peters
He plays the cello and his talents does not stop there. He has a
commanding stage presence when he sings. He is a prolific
hear larry berenguel music
Kyle Dean Patten
Besides being a singer and songwriter, he also plays the
harmonica, guitar, pan flute and mandolin and builds his
own pan flutes. He has a unique and captivating voice. It's
always a pleasure to hear him perform. Check out his CD.

Paul Storm
Incredible songwriter. Get his demo CD which contains 18
great songs. I saw his list and it is over 50 songs. I'm would
not be surprised if he or his songs get swept off to

Zach Letzring
Awesome graphic artist! Graduate of Grand View College
and currently works for the Des Moines Register and
Tribute newspaper.
• Songwriters Open Mic at Orlondos R&Bar (GIF version)
• Open Mic/Jam at Crave Bar, Grill & Fondue (GIF Version).
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